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Magic lotus

Purifying Negative Karma

In-Depth Retreat
Saturday, February 23, in Oak Park

This in-depth retreat focuses on traditional Kadampa Buddhist meditations that purify the negative karma within our mind -- which is the main cause of all our internal and external suffering. Full info ...


Mom hugging child

A Buddhist Approach to Parenting

Saturday, March 2, in Oak Park

This morning course will teach practical methods you can use at home to develop and maintain an inner calm and strength, even when your family life is busy, difficult or completely chaotic. Full info ...


Featured Weekly Meditation Classes

Meditation for Kids and Families

Sunday mornings in Oak Park

These classes for children and their families offer an introduction to Buddha’s teachings, emphasizing the value of kindness and cultivating a good heart. Full info...


one teddy bear reconciling with another

Letting Go of the Past

Sunday mornings in Oak Park & Wicker Park

It can be difficult to move forward in life if we are feeling held back by our past experiences and actions. Meditation and mindfulness offer powerful insights that illuminate the real source of our inner pain and a practical method to release ourself completely from it. Full info...


Learn to Quiet Your Mind image

Learn to Quiet Your Mind

Thursday evenings in Wicker Park & Oak Park

Experience many benefits of meditation (and become better at meditation!) simply by using some essential principles passed down through generations of authentic meditation masters of the past. Full info...


More Weekly Meditation Classes

See our full schedule of weekly drop-in meditation classes in Chicago and Oak Park. These classes are suitable for all levels of interest and experience, from simple guided meditations through to in-depth Buddhist studies. Everyone is welcome to attend any time. Full info...


In-Depth Study


We offer three special programs for the systematic study and practice of meditation and Modern Buddhism. These programs are especially suited to the modern world. Learn more ...


About Us


The teachings given at our classes are grounded in the ancient wisdom of Buddha. They have been practiced by meditators for generations. We present these teachings in a format that is especially suited to the people of the modern world. Learn more ...