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A Buddhist Approach to Science and Spirituality

Saturday Evening Lecture
Saturday, October 26, 6pm - 7:15pm in Wicker Park

Join us for a thought-provoking talk and guided meditation. Everyone is welcome.
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Je Tsongkhapa

Je Tsongkhapa Day

Talk and Meditation Prayers
October 25 in Oak Park

Je Tsongkhapa was a great 14th century Tibetan Buddhist Master who promoted and developed the Kadampa Buddhism that Atisha had introduced three centuries earlier. To this day Kadampa Buddhists worldwide study his teachings and strive to emulate his pure example.
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Featured Weekly Meditation Classes


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NEW! After-Work Guided Meditations

Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays at 6:30pm in Wicker Park

These 30-minute classes teach and practice essential meditations you can also do on your own. Suitable for complete beginners and anyone who enjoys group guided meditation. Everyone is welcome! Full info...


Meditation for Kids and Families

Sunday mornings at 10am in Oak Park

These classes for children and their families offer an introduction to Buddha’s teachings, emphasizing the value of kindness and cultivating a good heart. Full info...


Lotus meditating

Solving Difficult Relationships

Thursday evenings in October at 7pm in Wicker Park & Oak Park

Learn meditations to increase your capacity to face daily problems with a calm, positive, and strong mind. Full info...


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In-Depth Study

We offer three special programs for the systematic study and practice of meditation and Modern Buddhism. These programs are especially suited to the modern world. Learn more ...

About Us

The teachings given at our classes are grounded in the ancient wisdom of Buddha. They have been practiced by meditators for generations. We present these teachings in a format that is especially suited to the people of the modern world. Learn more ...